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Stay up to date with all the breaking information technology and cybersecurity news you need to know from all over the globe with ITFunk.Org. Our…

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The Intricacies of QuickTune Computer and How to Safeguard Against It

In today's digital terrain, threats like QuickTune Computer pose a substantial risk to online security. Classified as a browser hijacker and potentially unwanted program (PUP), QuickTune Computer might initially appear…

ITFunk Research ITFunk Research 4 Min Read

“Adobe Scan” Email Scam: Protecting Against Phishing and Identity Theft

The "Adobe Scan" email scam has emerged as a deceptive phishing tactic, luring recipients with false claims of a document…

ITFunk Research ITFunk Research 4 Min Read

SanvitaliaProcumbens: A Malicious Browser Extension Threat

In the digital age, where our lives are increasingly intertwined with the internet, safeguarding our online activities from malicious software…

ITFunk Research ITFunk Research 4 Min Read

DeadBolt Ransomware Targets the Network-Attached Storage Devices Made by QNAP

A ransomware gang known as DeadBolt has begun to target Network-Attached Storage or NAS devices manufactured by QNAP, the Taiwanese…

ITFunk Research ITFunk Research 3 Min Read

Re-captha-version-3-58.top: Safeguarding Your Digital Space from Browser Hijackers

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, browser hijackers like Re-captha-version-3-58.top have emerged as stealthy infiltrators, compromising the security and privacy of unsuspecting users. This article aims to unravel the…

ITFunk Research ITFunk Research 4 Min Read

How to Remove the PUP ‘PC Accelerate Pro’?

PC Accelerate Pro Shows Users Questionable Scan Results & then Asks to Pay Full Subscription PC Accelerate Pro is a…

ITFunk Research ITFunk Research 3 Min Read

KMSpice: The Best Ways to Deal with this Potentially Unwanted Program

KMSpico is a potentially unwanted program or PUP that claims to allow you to activate Windows and Office for free.…

ITFunk Research ITFunk Research 3 Min Read

MadMaxShell: A Dangerous Cyber Threat

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, new malware strains continue to emerge, each with its own unique capabilities and…

ITFunk Research ITFunk Research 5 Min Read
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