How-to guide to improving your rankings in Amazon

Amazon is the largest search engine for shoppers in the world and is gradually taking more and more of the retail sales pie each year. It has become a reference point for buyers where buyers first go to check the products they need. Brands and retailers have taken this opportunity to showcase their products to their target audiences. However, due to stiff competition from other sellers, you will need to employ some tactics to get the most from your listing on Amazon. In this guide, we will show you how to improve your rankings on Amazon.

Understanding Amazon Algorithm

The first step in your journey to improving your rankings on Amazon is understanding their algorithm, A9. Knowing how Amazon ranks products in search results will help you figure out what to tweak so as to get your product at the top. A9 is a maturing algorithm which is constantly changing. To stay ahead of the competition, you not only need a deep understanding of Amazon ranking but also stay updated on how their algorithm is evolving.

The Secret to Improving your Rankings on Amazon

According to Over The Top’s Guide To Amazon SEO, Amazon SEO is all about increasing the likelihood of potential customers to purchase from the site. Unlike on Google where people search for various reasons, the intentions of searchers on Amazon are clear. Users visit the site to buy, sellers intend to sell and Amazon is looking to make sales commissions. Amazon algorithm is, therefore, designed to maximize profits. Understanding the algorithm’s logic and playing by its rules is the easiest way to have your products at the top of search results.

Amazon uses ranking factors to determine what a user will see after a search query.

Performance Factors

Performance factors represent how successful a product has been so far. The main factors here are conversion rate, click-through rate (CTR) and overall sales. Products with these optimized factors rank higher since they translate to more profit for Amazon. To optimize your products for performance factors and get better rankings, adjust your buy box percentage, follow Amazon’s image guidelines, price your products competitively and maintain a positive selling history.

Relevance Factors

Relevance factors show how well a product matches the user’s search query. The product’s description you give and your keyword usage are the main determinants of search query relevancy.

Provide a catchy product title and include your most valuable keywords in it. In the product’s description, including the line of your product, product brand, size, colour, quantity and other features. Use bullet points in your product descriptions. Products with bullets points convert better than those with paragraph descriptions since people like concise information which is easy to digest.

Your ranking on Amazon can play a big role in your business success. The above tips are some of the most important tactics that can help you improve your rankings. Make sure you understand how products in your niche are ranked and abide by Amazon’s best practices.