A UX/UI designs are the designs created for software such as computers, home appliances, electronic device, etc., with the main aim of maximizing users ability to access them and give them the best user experience. But if you are a beginner and wanting to grow in this field, we gathered some steps that you can follow:


Assimilate the basics

A UX/UI designer is not just about making animations and will not make you a pro designer. Start learning basic like proper spacing, alignment, and typography this will make you a pro designer. As most of the works that you will deg as a designer will have to deal with the basics in some form or the other.

Master design process and principles

It is not uncommon to see that designers work in a team to achieve the goals set by their clients. In a team, a designer needs to ensure that all the team members are collaborating and communicating with many designers, developers, clients. They can also take advice from user experience consultants to ensure that work criteria is met.


Join communities and contribute

Try joining a community of designers as it will help you contribute ideas and support the work of other designers. You have your unique style of designing bring that up during chats, and if you have a doubt ask, do not just follow others styles.


Get Inspired and inspire others

Try to get inspired by other people work and make sure that, learn about their ways on how they solve a specific problem. Learn about what makes them different; learn about the principles they work on, learn as it will help you gain a lot of knowledge, and help you survive in this competitive industry.


Learn new about new developments in the field

There are many new developments in the field of UI/UX learn about, keep your self updated. These help you stay up to date with new trends. Clients seek for designers who are knowledgeable and passionate about the field and this will help you stay in demand.

Find the right tools

Designers start to learn with the traditional tools but do not assume that these tools are the only ways a designer can use to design a user interface. Tools keep changing, but the idea of the basic design remains the same and design tools are just to help you visualize your idea.


Be picky

With the resources which may help you achieve certain designs, try to use and download something which ensures that it will help you. Get your resources from reputable platforms like Google. To get the best of the best.