IT Funk as a catalyst

“I would still be a professor at NTNU and not as a leader of a language technology company if it was not for IT Funk,” said Torbjørn Nordgård at the success company LingIT AS in his lecture on Norwegian software for reading and writing support. IT Funk was a catalyst for us at the start, Nordgård claimed. LingIT AS has developed a number of products in language technology and has issued 80,000 licenses in the Norwegian market.

Norwegian is one of the latest languages ​​in Europe that does not have a speech recognition system – that you can dictate text. “In order for us to be able to use speech technology in aids – also in Norwegian, it is important that we think less of a diagnosis, but rather function,” said Daniel Scheidegger from NAV’s Center for Organizing and Participating in his speech during the conference’s speech on language technology .

Norway UU by 2025

Under the theme of universal design in ICT, Katarina de Brisis from the Ministry of Government Administration, and Church Affairs went through the regulations of the Anti-discrimination Act and the Digital Agenda for Norway. Universal design and ICT will make the digital solutions the first choice in communicating with the authorities, said the Brisis. Olav Rand Bringa from BLD followed up with saying that the authorities’ vision is to make Norway universally designed by 2025.

The conference was terminated by paving the way for the use of ICT and universal design. State Secretary Kjell Erik Øie from the Ministry of Health and Care Services drew up the lines for tomorrow’s care services and the use of welfare technology and cooperation with the business community. André Fossen Mlonyeni went through the Research Council’s new ICT initiative.

The program will start from 2015 and will last until 2025. He stressed the importance of interaction in ICT between innovation, society and business.

At the end of the conference, Jesper W. Simonsen, Department Director Jesper W. Simonsen, gave an overview of what is prioritized in the Research Council’s “More Active and Healthy Years” focus area in a population that is developing with more and more older people.

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