How to improve your SEO if you’re a local business

Although web optimization is hugely popular at the moment – website optimization is merely a small aspect of a good marketing plan. In fact, SEO works well in combination with a number of other marketing and advertising strategies. Many local businesses have already proved how effective SEO is to create a positive ROI for local businesses. Here is a summary of how to improve your SEO if you’re a local business


Pay Per Click also called PPC advertising, such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads, is a great strategy to produce immediate results. It can start to produce results for online lead generation from the first day, according to Chad from his SEO firm. However, PPC campaigns typically hit a brick wall in form of the set budget – it simply cannot be leveraged beyond the minimum cost per click. Learn more here.  That’s where it works well in tandem with SEO because an SEO strategy can produce long-term leverage based on some of the information collected by the PPC campaign (for example keywords, the advertising copy, visitor numbers, etc). When the results of the SEO campaign start to show, the budget can slowly be re-directed to SEO as it is more leveraged and therefore can sustain a lower cost per lead.

SEO and Social Media

seo maltaAlthough many local businesses are now starting their own social media campaigns, it remains difficult to prove a good ROI with social media. In many cases, the return is measured in “brand engagement” and “business exposure”. Although undoubtedly important, it is difficult to calculate a return. However, combining social media with SEO helps to increase the visibility of your business beyond the enclosed social media websites and allows customers to find your business based on keywords rather than social media connections. That said, SEO and social media work well together, because of most search engines, including Google, now consider social connections an important vote of confidence for your website.

SEO and Video marketing

Video marketing is a great tool to build an emotional connection with your audience and leverage your online presence. For example, you can record an event or presentation and then re-use it online, without actually having to be present. A disadvantage of video marketing can be that high-quality video production is expensive. In any case, you can show top quality and well-produced videos on your website, but if nobody sees them they are not likely to create an impact. Therefore, creating an SEO campaign that increases your rankings and exposes your great videos to a bigger audience will help you to improve your return on investment from your marketing budget. On the other hand, if you have already started a YouTube Channel to increase exposure for your videos, you can optimize each video to show in the search engine and video search results increasing the exposure for your videos, your website and your business.

SEO and Public Relations

Public relations, also called PR for short, whether focused online or offline is all about informing others about your business, creating your brand and adding credibility. Gaining mentions in mainstream news publications, and creating an online buzz with bloggers and social media is a great way to increase your profile. Often, an increased profile will generate a higher search volume for your business or your industry. And of course, you want to be the business that is found. That is why SEO and Public Relations are a great combination. They work together to get your business and brand in front of a greater audience and they work together to improve the credibility you receive from news articles, important presentations, and other public events.